Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!!

Well, with Christmas almost here, we've been really busy. The weekend after Thanksgiving we put up our tree, which turned out beautifully. The next week we attempted something new--we put up Christmas lights on our house! After braving 23 degree weather, and a near death experience (like Travis nearly falling off the roof!), our house looked almost as good as the Christmas tree!
Last week was a busy week for us. On Sunday, December 2nd, we had the Vernon Family Christmas Party. We had a blast. It was the first year that we had everyone here in a long time. Santa Claus came, and we happened to get forgotten this year!!! Everyone had presents from Santa, but us. He (and grandma) both felt really bad, however, with Trav's relationship with Santa we were wondering if he'd done it on purpose.

When driving to Coalville, on December 1st, battling the Wyoming plow system--they don't plow or use salt on the roads, which caused us to throw a 360 on I-80, we decided to invest in an All-Wheel Drive vehicle. So, on December 4th, we brought home our new baby--LuLu. LuLu is an all black 2007 Nissan Murano who is currently the love of our lives! She's all equipped with remote start, alarm system, navigation, and XM radio. WE LOVE HER!!! It's been so nice to have a smooth ride above 65 mph! The pics just don't do her justice.

We drove LuLu to Salt Lake for the Forgotten Carols on Tuesday the 4th, to my work Christmas Party on the 5th, to a Christmas Party in Syracuse with our friends from the Wildwood Cove Condos in West Valley on Thursday, to the Kurt Bestor Christmas concert at Abravanel Hall on the 7th (which was absolutely spectacular--we'd recommend it to anyone), and to Logan following the concert. We had the Hirschi Family Christmas Party in Bear Lake on Saturday, and made the return trip to Evanston on Sunday.

Overall, things have been busy. We're excited to be able to spend a little time at home the next few weeks, and then things will get busy again around Christmas--which will be our next tale to tell. Merry Christmas Everyone!