Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Holidays from the Allred's

Another year has come and gone!  We have had an amazing year full of love, fun, and excitement.

Travis has had an overly eventful year.  He switched real estate brokerages and is now working for Cornerstone Real Estate.  He put more focus into real estate this year and had his highest grossing year since getting his license 8 years ago. He is still working at Murray City Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is beginning to test for positions as a flight paramedic with various agencies.  He just completed his hazardous materials certification and will likely be heading back to school next year to get his critical care paramedic certification.  He continues to explore his love of food with cooking and has really cultivated his abilities with his smoker making THE most amazing bacon, tri-tip, ribs, and pork roast.  He has the best organizational skills and still manages to provide "daddy daycare" 3-4 days per week!

I was lucky enough to take 12 weeks off work this summer after the arrival of our newest little lady in June.  My pregnancy and delivery were the easiest one yet. We were able to have a summer full of vacation and at home swim parties.  I loved being able to have that time with my family, but this definitely reinforced why I work full-time.  Being a Mom is HARD.  Props to all you stay at home mommas out there.  I wasn't cut out for it.  I was grateful for that time at home; however, I was grateful when it was time to go back to my "other job".  I have been working for Logan Regional Hospital for 8 years now and have seen my Women's Health program there grow from nothing to now steady work at least 20 hrs per week and a wait time of 3 weeks for an evaluation.  I truly love helping those around me and couldn't have found a better fit for me for a career.  It fulfills me and makes me a better mom for my 4 littles.  Just this month I hit my 5 mark year from my cancer diagnosis.  I am still currently cancer free and living every minute of this life of mine to the fullest.

Tayson (6) started kindergarten this year and has loved it!  School has come easy for him and he is now able to add, subtract, and read.  He is quite the social charmer and already has multiple girlfriends and even a couple marriage proposals.  He has enjoyed playing soccer again this year and was able to experience swim lessons for the first time this summer.  He is even able to float on his back and swim the width of the pool (he just has to figure out how to breath and stay afloat!).  He loves movie watching, wearing shorts year round, and rough housing with his sisters.

Brielle (6) also started kindergarten and has loved learning to read and making new friends.  She has lost 2 teeth this late fall and survived her first encounter with the tooth fairy.  She played soccer, took swimming lessons, and has become quite the little dancer.  She has been such a big helper with her new baby sister and can often be found carrying her around the house on her hip just like a little mommy.  She loves being outside, playing babies with Aliyah, and snuggling with either Mommy or Daddy especially in the middle of the night.

Aliyah (2.5) has loved going to daycare and having some one-on-one time with Mom or Dad while the twins are at school and the baby sleeps.  She is quite independent and thinks she rules the roost! She will never let you forget about her and makes her opinions known. She is a little klutz and has hit her head more times than we count.  We just hope she doesn't end up with permanent brain damage.  Poor girl. She still has a special spot for her daddy, her papa, and her gramps.  She successfully gave up her binky and is now potty trained.  She LOVES babies and couldn't wait for HER baby to arrive in June.  She still holds her sister constantly and loves on her any chance she can get.

Amelie (6 months) joined our family on June 22nd at a whopping 5 lbs 1 oz.  She has been the happiest, easiest, go with the flow baby ever (except when required to be in a car seat). She went camping at 2 weeks old, to the beach at 4 weeks old, and has survived many a mauling from the local natives.  She tolerates her siblings antics well and loves each of them.  She received a beautiful blessing from her daddy in August and was told she would be the glue that holds our family together.  I believe it, as she has such a special relationship with each member of our family already. This one is a momma's girl though and I love it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It's that time of year again and apparently the only time I use my blog anymore!  We hope this year has been good to you as it has been GREAT to us.

Trav continues to work full time for Murray City Fire Department.  He is loving it aside from the lack of sleep on busy nights and getting sick a little more often because of it.  He is also now working part time for Brigham City Fire, teaching EMT classes at BATC, and doing real estate.  He still makes time for the family and his organizational skills allow him to keep everything straight.  

I am still working for Logan Regional Hospital full-time in Women's Health, Spine, and Pediatric Rehab.  I'm loving it.  I love helping people improve their lives and making a difference.  I had my adult life crisis this year as we sold my Murano and bought......a mini van.  It's been a good move although I still won't ever admit to loving it.  In my spare time I sleep, clean, and be "mom". 

Tays has grown so much this year.  He eats constantly and is pretty much all boy.  He is looking forward to Kindergarten next year and has enjoyed his preschool activities at daycare and playgroup. He started soccer this year and LOVED it; although, he ins't the most competitive little guy out there.

Brielle continues to be tiny, but is keeping up with her own growth curve.  She is also loving her preschool activities at daycare and playgroup.  She played soccer and really learned to put herself out there and stand up for herself a little more.  She also started dance and really enjoyed it. 

Aliyah is such a little spitfire.  She definitely won't let you forget she is there and demands your attention.  She still loves to be involved in whatever is going on.  She is probably the best eater in the house aside from Travis.  She loves her binky and I am not looking forward to getting rid of that.  She is starting to talk a ton saying specific words, but we are still working on understanding all that she is telling us.  We just love this little lady.

Baby #4
Baby #4 is cooking in Mommy's tummy right now.  He or she is set to debut July 1, 2016, but will likely make an appearance at the end of June if following suit with my previous kiddos.  We couldn't be happier to welcome another little miracle to the family.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Allreds

Merry Christmas Everyone!  This year has been such a good one for us.  We have been so blessed.

Travis achieved his dream of becoming a full-time firefighter this year.  He was hired on at Murray Fire Department in July and is loving being a part of the brotherhood there.   He worked so hard to make it happen and we feel the hand of the Lord guiding him to this department and with this timing.  So far it has been a perfect fit.  He continues to work part-time with Layton Fire, teach at BATC in their EMS department, and works as a Real Estate Agent in his “spare time”.   This last year he also spent 2 weeks in North Dakota working as a paramedic in the oil fields--quite the adventure for both of us. J  He will likely continue to do this a couple times a year in the future.   Above all Travis continues to be an amazing hubby and daddy to all of us at home. 

I have been a busy, full-time working Mom of 3.  Life is crazy and fabulous all at once.  I still work for Logan Regional Hospital as a physical therapist specializing in Women’s Health and Pediatric Rehab.  I love my work and find joy and fulfillment there.  My women’s health program continues to grow.  It is fun to watch a program succeed that you have built from the ground up at a facility.  The kids within pediatric rehab teach me so much every day about perseverance, courage, determination, and joy.  I love how they share their spirit with me and I am better because of my interaction with them.   I have just passed my 3 year mark since my cancer diagnosis and am still going strong in my remission.   My own children are such precious blessings.  I love spending time with them.  They anger me, teach me, stretch my patience, expand my love, and make me laugh on a daily basis.  Parenting has been the hardest and greatest thing I have ever done.

Tayson is a growing boy.  He eats constantly already!  He is so smart, energetic, and charismatic.  He is an instant friend to everyone and his smile will draw you in.  He has a tender heart, is just a “little” emotional,  and hates to disappoint.  He loves action figures, pretend fighting,  playing cars, and watching movies. 

Brielle is our little shy, quiet girl until you get to know her.  Once she is comfortable with you she will talk your ear off.  She is so sweet.  She is Mommy’s little side kick no matter where or what she is doing.  She loves to snuggle, would live on a milk only diet if allowed, loves baby dolls coloring, singing, and dancing.

Aliyah has been the perfect little addition to our family.  She is our little miracle baby.  She was born tiny and healthy in February of this year after we had been told we likely wouldn’t be able to have more children due to my chemotherapy.  She is such an easy going personality and smiles frequently.  She is crawling everywhere, loves to be held, and wants to be involved in everything.  She thinks she is soooo BIG and wants to eat our food (in fact, will get mad if we don’t give her a taste), drink from a sippy cup (can’t quite handle the high flow yet), and pulls to stand at everything that she can get a hold of.  We love this little happy spitfire of ours!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aliyah is 6 months......

She LOVES her Daddy!  She even loves Grandpa Mike extra special because he reminds her of her Daddy. She saves a special smile for him and her eyes will follow him around a room whenever he is home.

She enjoys eating her food and wants to taste whatever you are eating.

Sits all by herself.

Is close to army crawling.  Right now she gets around with a combo of a roll, crawl, kick, scoot on your head kinda thing.

She loves to mimic what you do with your mouth.  Especially kissy noises and raspberry spits. :)

Had her first double ear infection just a week ago and the only way we knew was because she kept tugging on her ears.  She's such a mellow, happy baby.

Nicknames are Bugs, LiLou, and Boo.

She thinks her big brother and sister walk on the moon.  They can always make her smile and she will belly laugh for them alone.

Occasionally sleeps through the night, but usually gets up once to eat either around 1:00 or 5:00 AM.

She raspberry spits when she doesn't get what she wants or is unhappy.

Still loves to grab onto things (the edge of a blanket, her car seat, her binky, your shirt collar) when she falls alseep.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Aliyah's Newborn Pics: 3 Days Old

  Photos Courtesy of Ann White Photography

Friday, February 28, 2014

Introducing Aliyah Lou Allred

This little lady lights up our world.  She made her debut at 38 weeks and 5 days on February 28th weighing 5lbs 14oz and 18 1/2 inches tall.  Labor went beautifully.  Her daddy was able to deliver her with only verbal guidance from the MD over his shoulder.  She's our little peacemaker and our little miracle being conceived after previous infertility and chemotherapy.  We love you our little LiLou!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Christmas Card and Letter

Travis has been super busy this year.  He completed Paramedic School at Weber State University and landed jobs with Mountain West Ambulance in Tooele, UT and with Layton City Fire.  He's been working an average of 72 hours a week between these two jobs.  In his spare time he teaches EMS and CPR classes at Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, continues his work as a realtor, is on the State of Utah EMS Test Team, and reserves time for his family.  He is a busy man, but was forced to slow down this month after saying goodbye to his appendix!  We've loved having him around a little more as he recovers from his surgery. 

BreeAnn has continued working as a physical therapist at Logan Regional Hospital specializing in Women's Health, Spine, and Pediatrics.  She has completely recovered from last year's bout with cancer has shoulder length hair to prove it!  She has also been a bit fatigued and gaining weight while awaiting the birth of our newest little miracle.....a baby girl due in March 2014.

Tayson and Brielle are now 3 years old and continue to amaze us each day with what they learn.  They started daycare this last year and have seemed to thrive in the structured schedule, social environment, and setting for learning.  They continue to be the best of friends and will check in with each other frequently when playing in different rooms or places.  Tayson has taken on a very sweet personality while Brielle continues to be a sassy little diva.  Tayson wins many over with his dimples and Brielle has a little sparkle in her eye that can't be missed.  Both have individual strengths and personalities that bring joy and meaning to life. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


Travis, Bree, Tayson, and Brielle