Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Christmas Card and Letter

Travis has been super busy this year.  He completed Paramedic School at Weber State University and landed jobs with Mountain West Ambulance in Tooele, UT and with Layton City Fire.  He's been working an average of 72 hours a week between these two jobs.  In his spare time he teaches EMS and CPR classes at Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, continues his work as a realtor, is on the State of Utah EMS Test Team, and reserves time for his family.  He is a busy man, but was forced to slow down this month after saying goodbye to his appendix!  We've loved having him around a little more as he recovers from his surgery. 

BreeAnn has continued working as a physical therapist at Logan Regional Hospital specializing in Women's Health, Spine, and Pediatrics.  She has completely recovered from last year's bout with cancer has shoulder length hair to prove it!  She has also been a bit fatigued and gaining weight while awaiting the birth of our newest little miracle.....a baby girl due in March 2014.

Tayson and Brielle are now 3 years old and continue to amaze us each day with what they learn.  They started daycare this last year and have seemed to thrive in the structured schedule, social environment, and setting for learning.  They continue to be the best of friends and will check in with each other frequently when playing in different rooms or places.  Tayson has taken on a very sweet personality while Brielle continues to be a sassy little diva.  Tayson wins many over with his dimples and Brielle has a little sparkle in her eye that can't be missed.  Both have individual strengths and personalities that bring joy and meaning to life. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


Travis, Bree, Tayson, and Brielle