Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Is Here!

We went to the Half-Way with Trav's Family, but I only got one picture of the kids when they fell asleep in the Kelty Back Packs. I'll have to get pics from Grandma Janet. It was a blast. Trav learned that our F-150 isn't quite the beast he thought it was when it overheated on the way there. We'll take the next long uphill pulls a little slower.
Caught my boys taking a snooze.... So CUTE!
4th of July at the White's. Had a blast dressing the kids up and they loved most of the fireworks. The loud ones scared sister and Bubba, well he fell asleep during them, so they didn't seem to bother him at all.

First Time Swimming.....LOVED IT!

Maiden Voyage of the Sunchaser. Minus the heater not working, all went well. The Uintas were gorgeous, we got in some great 4-wheeling, and the kids did well on their first camping trip! So much fun...thanks to my Mom and Dad for inviting us to go with them.

It's been a great start to a great month! More to come!