Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer Fun, etc.

Well, we have really been slackers on the blogging thing. Travis is actually going to start learning the process so that I have a little less on my plate.

Life has been absolutely great to us this summer. We love Wellsville and all the wonderful friends we have made here. It really does feel like home. We have taken a ton of pics and may be posting them on our Facebook acounts, because it would be a lot to post here. Here is a brief play by play...

Travis has naturally been scouting a ton this summer. He is actively involved with the local troop, but has been focusing more on Order of the Arrow. He has completed his own indian outfit and is working to improve it. He has been a great homemaker which really helps out. Also, he has been doing great with Real Estate and is happy with his decision to take the plung.

I am an expected work-a-holic. I love all 3 of my jobs, but I am also looking forward to cutting back next year. We are quickly getting out of debt so it is worth it.

We have enjoyed plenty of vacations this year. We feel blessed to be able to do so much. We spent a week in Bear Lake with my family; braved the Sham Battle in Wellsville for Founder's Day; went to the Nashville Tribute Band Concert; got professional pictures taken; played at reunions; and just this past week, we went to Trav's mission in Independence Missouri and Nauvoo.

The past week was the best. It was amazing to see where the saints had been, and especially meeting the families Trav had worked with.
We went to Richmond 1st and saw Oliver Cowdery's grave along with a few other of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. Then we had a wonderful dinner at the Morris's home where a bunch of families came over that Trav worked with. He was in this area for alomost a year.

Next, we went to Carthage Jail and Nauvoo. We were able to see tons of history and even got to attend the temple. We were able to see where Joeseph was buried.

We then went to Adam-ondi-Ahman and Far West.

Last, but not least, we went to Liberty Jail and the Independence Visitors Center.

We are excited to go back to Nauvoo another time and see the pageant.

As promised, we will be keeping this updated regularly now. Trav is hoping to do a good job.

Completed Mailbox

We finally completed the mailbox. With Grandpa Hirschi's help everything went really smooth. The capstone was set and the sealer applied. Now we are ready for winter. We think it turned out pretty good.