Monday, February 6, 2012


Today has been a good day. We travelled down to the Hunstman Cancer Institute for my first follow-up appointment. The grade A+! The doc said things are healing as well as could be expected and I was able to get one of those pesky drains out. The other will hopefully come out next week :D. I continue to be exhausted, but actually put make-up on today--so chalk one up for feeling somewhat better.

This week is going to be my test. This week is when I have to start accepting help that isn't Trav or my Mom. Ugh, what a hit on the pride I have left. Just one more thing to learn from cancer....humility. So, I guess I might as well eat my humble pie. Thank you everyone who has helped, who is going to help, and who has sent your love in numerous ways. The food has been amazing, the flowers smell divine (my home looks like a floral shop and I LOVE it), for your comments on the blog and on facebook, the texts, the prayers, the visits, and the babysitting. I COULD NOT do this without you all. YOU are my STRENGTH!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Wig Experience

I honestly had a blast trying on wigs. I was able to get a cute one for free from the American Cancer Society and my friend Amy brought over her adorable wig for me to wear should I want to change it up. Those were my favorites. The rest of them, well see for yourself!