Monday, March 15, 2010

And the Verdict Is . . . .

IT WORKED! That's right--the fertility drugs did their duty and we're expecting on November 10th! (Yep, that puts me at 6 weeks tomorrow). We couldn't be more excited and feel immeasurably blessed to have the opportunity to become parents. We can't wait for this special little one! November seems forever away to wait to meet this person who has been sent to us. Thanks for all your prayers, advice, and listening ears. We're so EXCITED and couldn't wait to share our news!

The "Man Date"

So, the girls always have "Girls Nights" in our community where the husbands take the kids and the ladies get together to do some crafty type thing and talk our hearts out. So, one of the husbands decided that the guys needed a "Man Date". Apparently this is what a "man date" entails:
Needless to say they had a blast!