Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It's that time of year again and apparently the only time I use my blog anymore!  We hope this year has been good to you as it has been GREAT to us.

Trav continues to work full time for Murray City Fire Department.  He is loving it aside from the lack of sleep on busy nights and getting sick a little more often because of it.  He is also now working part time for Brigham City Fire, teaching EMT classes at BATC, and doing real estate.  He still makes time for the family and his organizational skills allow him to keep everything straight.  

I am still working for Logan Regional Hospital full-time in Women's Health, Spine, and Pediatric Rehab.  I'm loving it.  I love helping people improve their lives and making a difference.  I had my adult life crisis this year as we sold my Murano and bought......a mini van.  It's been a good move although I still won't ever admit to loving it.  In my spare time I sleep, clean, and be "mom". 

Tays has grown so much this year.  He eats constantly and is pretty much all boy.  He is looking forward to Kindergarten next year and has enjoyed his preschool activities at daycare and playgroup. He started soccer this year and LOVED it; although, he ins't the most competitive little guy out there.

Brielle continues to be tiny, but is keeping up with her own growth curve.  She is also loving her preschool activities at daycare and playgroup.  She played soccer and really learned to put herself out there and stand up for herself a little more.  She also started dance and really enjoyed it. 

Aliyah is such a little spitfire.  She definitely won't let you forget she is there and demands your attention.  She still loves to be involved in whatever is going on.  She is probably the best eater in the house aside from Travis.  She loves her binky and I am not looking forward to getting rid of that.  She is starting to talk a ton saying specific words, but we are still working on understanding all that she is telling us.  We just love this little lady.

Baby #4
Baby #4 is cooking in Mommy's tummy right now.  He or she is set to debut July 1, 2016, but will likely make an appearance at the end of June if following suit with my previous kiddos.  We couldn't be happier to welcome another little miracle to the family.