Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas, A Little Late . . . . .

Christmas was fantastic this year! Not only did we spoil ourselves this year (because we finally can!), but our families decided to spoil us as well. We gave each other a 42 in flat screen TV, a Wii, and an HD DVD player. The Allred's gave us a camcorder, and the Vernon's gave us both Ipod Nano's as well as a trip to SPAIN!!!! That's right, Spain. We'll be leaving on May 23rd and returning on June 7th. After my brother's return from his mission there last year, my parents decided that they'd like to take everyone back this year. Luckily my boss is flexible with time off!!!!

Christmas always ends up being a multi-day ordeal at our house--at least for the time being. Things may change when we have kids of our own. But, for now we have our Christmas together at home, and then we head to Bountiful to have Christmas with Trav's biological mother's family.

Travis with our Nephew Kergen / Trav's Brother Danny

Me with our nephew Kergen/ Trav's Sister Amber with her Hubby Ira

Travis with Grandma Fenn / Our Niece Faith

Then we're off to Logan for the Allred Extended Family Christmas Party . . . . Christmas with Trav's immediate family . . . . And the famous Hirschi Family Christmas Eve Party (which due to the bad weather we were unable to attend this year as we needed to drive to Hoytsville). Sorry for the dark pictures--our camera battery was in the process of dying.

Our Nephew Jack in the Dog Bed / Our Brother-in-Law Aaron / The Family

We have very few pictures from this point on as our camera battery was dead (we had forgotten to charge it before leaving home--oops!).

The Vernon Christmas begins at 6:30 a.m. where we run to the front room see what Santa brought us--yes even though the youngest is 19 Santa still comes. After that we open presents from the immediate family members, and then we get ready for the day before rushing over to Grandma Vernon's house for the Swedish pancake breakfast with the extended family. After the Vernon festivities, we head to Bountiful for the Slade Christmas Dinner. It is after this dinner that our Christmas finally ends!

All Grandma wants for Christmas. . . .

Travis fell asleep at Grandma Vernon's with his newly gifted glove on one hand and the video camera snug under the other arm . . . .

As you can see, we had an absolutely busy and amazing holiday. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great holiday!!! We love you all.