Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aliyah is 6 months......

She LOVES her Daddy!  She even loves Grandpa Mike extra special because he reminds her of her Daddy. She saves a special smile for him and her eyes will follow him around a room whenever he is home.

She enjoys eating her food and wants to taste whatever you are eating.

Sits all by herself.

Is close to army crawling.  Right now she gets around with a combo of a roll, crawl, kick, scoot on your head kinda thing.

She loves to mimic what you do with your mouth.  Especially kissy noises and raspberry spits. :)

Had her first double ear infection just a week ago and the only way we knew was because she kept tugging on her ears.  She's such a mellow, happy baby.

Nicknames are Bugs, LiLou, and Boo.

She thinks her big brother and sister walk on the moon.  They can always make her smile and she will belly laugh for them alone.

Occasionally sleeps through the night, but usually gets up once to eat either around 1:00 or 5:00 AM.

She raspberry spits when she doesn't get what she wants or is unhappy.

Still loves to grab onto things (the edge of a blanket, her car seat, her binky, your shirt collar) when she falls alseep.