Sunday, December 26, 2010

We've Been Busy.....

We had our Pictures taken at 3 Weeks Old

Had our First Halloween

We Turned 1 Month Old

Graduated off our oxygen on November 15th

Met our Second Cousin Lilac who is 4 Days Older than Us

Had Our First Thanksgiving at Grandma Vernon's

Went Bowling and Met Santa at the Vernon Family Christmas Party

We were blessed on December 5th

4 Generation Pictures on Both Sides

Mom went back to Work and Daddy started work as Mr. pics just an FYI.

We had more Professional Pics taken by Michelle Chudleigh

We Started Smiling (sorry no pics of this yet, just videos and for some reason it won't let me post videos).

We made Gingerbread Houses with Uncle Rory and Shayla

We had our First Christmas

And we Hope you All have a Happy New Year!