Monday, August 11, 2008

Powder Horn

This weekend was fantastic, although, I did have to be away from Bree for 3 nights without cell service for the first time since we got married. I went to Powder Horn, a high adventure training camp for venturer scouting.

We arrived and got assigned to a crew of about 6 people. We had about 50 total in camp. We then went to a cope course teaching us group problem solving strategies. Then down to the cliffs for some repelling and climbing.
It got a rainy towards the end of the day, so we just did some indoor training.
We did a lot of outdoor training today, starting with Geo Caching. This is basically a compass course done with GPS. I had the great experience of being the one who found the cache out of about 20 people in my group.

Afterwards, we were trained on outdoor plants and basic wilderness survival. Then we were able to learn how to fly fish and actually got to tie some flies. I just didn't get any pictures of that.

This was a great day of weaponry. We began with shotgun shooting which I was able to hit 4 of my 5 clay pigeons. After that we went on to shoot air rifles and pistols followed by 22 rifles. I thought my grouping turned out really good.

After lunch we were able to start with 22 hand guns, then on to archery. This was my best moment. We were shooting at about 30 feet and I had a great round. I also had the opportunity to witness a guy named, Bob, in my crew splitting an arrow. It was amazing. Of course we ended with black powder rifles, a first for me.

Overall, I had a great week. I love the outdoors and I am looking forward to week #2 at the end of August. Until then, happy trails.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Camp Loll Alumni Reunion

August 1st-3rd we had the opportunity to go to a scout camp called Camp Loll. Camp Loll is about an hour into the Tetons, right on the border of Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Travis spent every summer through high school working at this camp and they had a huge Alumni Reunion. Friday night we drove to a place called Flagg Ranch, parked the truck and slept in the bed of the truck. Saturday was when the fun started. We woke up, drove the rest of the way to Camp Loll. On our drive this female moose walked right in front of us.

We were a little early so we decided to go on a 2 mile hike to a waterfall called Terrace Falls with two other Alumni that we ran into named Boyd and Kent Davis.

After lunch we were able to go try out the water front and some repelling. Trav was daring enough to do a water check and jump into the 52 degree water (which he says is warm compared to when he used to have to do it . . .).

Boyd, Travis, and Kevin

Then we ate dinner and headed out for the flag ceremony and camp fire. It was tons of fun. The next morning we were able to attend church. Camp Loll contains one of the few dedicated outdoor chapels. It was a really neat experience to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery while at church. Here's some of the pictures of the view from the chapel.

And a few more miscellaneous pics . . .

The current staff in front of the lodge

The Waterfront Where Trav Spent all his Time

Sarah (Trav's old boss) and Trav

Overall it was an amazing trip. I loved seeing another part of Trav's life before me, and what a special place it truly is.