Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life As We Know It

Here's a little about our life right now:

My belly gets bigger daily, or so it seems to me, so we've started taking weekly pictures. It seems the change may not be quite so obvious to everyone else, but here is documentation of my belly growth anyway.

30.5 Weeks

31.5 Weeks

32.5 Weeks

My doctor officially placed me on partial bed rest on Sept 15th. Pretty much I'm supposed to be in a reclined or horizontal position for the majority of the day. I can walk around as needed and still attend church and baby showers, but other than that I'm at home in bed or on the couch. The reason for bed rest you ask? I've been showing some progression for the past 3 weeks and at my last appointment I was dilated to 2cm and effaced 80%. I made it to 32 weeks without bed rest which I hear is actually pretty good for twin gestations. Now we're really looking to make it 36 weeks before these babies get here (36 weeks = October 13th). Trav's secretly hoping these babies make their debut on 10/10/10. I'd be okay with that too as would Trav's mom as Oct 10th is her birthday. So, I'm taking it easy, missing work, and trying to keep myself busy. Trav is doing a wonderful job taking care of me, working, and completing his very productive "to do" lists.

I've had several baby shower's and still a couple more to go. These little twins have been spoiled beyond comprehension and we are so grateful to everyone who has been so generous. We're lucky to have you in our lives! Thanks so much! As of right now I only have pictures of the Vernon Family Shower so here are a few.