Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bloggin' in Blocks

So, I've not done well at keeping up on my blog. So, I guess I'm just doing a blogging in blocks. Here's a block about the last 2 months--there are 6 posts to follow. Enjoy!

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here we ALL are at 26 1/2 weeks along!

I had another appointment on August 13th. They did an ultrasound and the babies are measuring right on. Tayson(yes we decided on Tayson) weighs 2 lbs 7 oz and Brielle wieghs 2lbs 4 oz. They still look healthy. My glucose test came back high so I got to do the lovely 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Luckily this one came back normal! YAY! No gestational diabetes for me. My feet are swelling like you wouldn't believe, I'm tired all the time, I can't sleep, and I have the 3rd Trimester aches and pains. Other than that I'm doing well. I'm 28 weeks right now. I still have no signs of preterm labor and the doctor said that she would induce me at 38 weeks if I haven't had the babies by then. So Brielle and Tayson will make their debut no later than October 28th. I can't wait! 10 more weeks at maximum and we'll have two gorgeous little ones to snuggle and love!

Campbells Visit and the Summit County Fair Demolition Derby

We are so lucky to have AMAZING friends. We met the Campbells when we lived in our Condo in West Valley. We were so lucky to have them come stay with us; although, we were all worried that Andrea might go into labor (she had her baby on Sunday the 15th). Here's a fun pic of us and our preggo bellies and a cute pic of their family.

We then took off to the hardest hitting derby around.... it's in Coalville of course! You'll never see a better derby.

The House is Done (almost)!

Here is our finished project from the basement to the deck and landscaping, and finally the babie's rooms! As you can see the only thing not finished is the covered patio area with the truss. The roof is now on, we just don't have an updated picture. They still need to shingle it and finish the siding on the underside as well as replace the siding on the house. It looks great and we LOVE it!

Bear Lake Reunion

Every year my Mom's side of the family has a HUGE reunion at Bear Lake. This year there was only one cousin missing. It was great to see everyone! Each year we go golfing with just our family. Here's some pics of the four golfers and their cute drivers....

We then spend plenty of time at the beach!

Sandcastle Built by Trav and my Cuz Drew

Me and my cousin's wife JamieIt was an amazing trip! I just have to point out that Jamie is due the end of Sept and I'm due November 10th. I promise everyone--I really am big enough to be carrying twins!

Friend Camp Trip July 9 - 11

We had the opportunity to go camping just above Afton, WY with several of our friends. It was GREAT! Thanks Val for arranging it and inviting us. Trav and I were the only one's tenting it--I made it on my 4 foot high air mattress! Needless to say Travis has trailor envy now after this trip.

4th of July

We had a blast on the 4th of July. We spent the night of the 3rd with Trav's family watching fireworks. And the 5th with friends and family on the beach at Bear Lake. It was a blast!