Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 Random Things

Val tagged me, so here are 6 random things about me.

1- Post the rules on your blog.

2- List 6 random things about yourself.

3- Tag 6 people at the end of your post.

4- Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


Oh, I know I can be random, and sometimes too much so.
I think one of the greatest inventions of all time is, of course, TOILET PAPER. It is interesting to me the relationship that the different sexes have with this fabulous creation. For instance... Men FOLD the paper before the wiping begins, while Women CRUMPLE and/or WRAP. This is almost always accurate. I would say at least 99% of the time... Go ahead, have a little chuckle.

My other study is the purpous of an afgan blanket... just take off the blanket part. My blanket doesn't have holes, just like my pants don't have holes. Pretty soon we'll have all these little emo kids running around with their "pants and blankets." Might as well just send them out in the bitter cold in their underwear. The afgan cannot be used for anything other than decor.

Lastly, in short, not liking a particular food inmy mind is only conditioned. So get over the fact that you were taught not to like brocoli and man up. Slap your folks around a little for teaching you wrong, and start liking the food that was placed here for us to eat.


OK, so sometimes I make a list to help me remember to make a list. So what, that is just good planning. I would have to say that I am often able to get twice as much done in a single day than any other average person. Sometimes I drive Bree crazy when I try to make a list for her to do during the day. 5 years of marraige have taught me to lay off that a little bit. It is safe to say that if smething could possibly have a list formed around it, then I have it. I actually even have daily schedules pinned next to the calendar. As I mentioned before, I get a lot done. I always have my list, and I just go until it is done. I even put things on the list that might be rediculous, like wake up at 7, take shower, etc. It can get pretty particular some days. Just sort of depends on how much sugar I have the night before, when I am planning. A little spooky, I know. At times, OCD comes to mind, but I have a wife to keep me in line.... Thanks Monkee


The best for me is definately the taste of food. For whatever reason, I can taste something and almost always be able to tell exactly what is in the ingredients. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the size of my gut, by the way. I love to cook and do most of it here in our household. Bree really knows how to cook, don't get me wrong... I just love to do it. Soemtimes, Bree might think she is in her own live telecast of Hell's Kitchen, but I like her to cook with me.


I guess this is not totally random, but I just love to scout. We just got back from a scouting cruise. I am on the council committee and will be on staff next year at NYLT. This is just something that changed my life at an early age and helped direct my course. Hopefully, I can give that back to some other young kids. Bree is a good sport being a scouters widow sometimes.


Oh yes... I can tear it up in the shower, David Cook, eat your heart out. I cna hit notes, that probably shouldn't be talked about. Of course, this only happens in the shower, and I don't suppose I will ever have an audience. However, Bree can vouge for me. Maybe you can just call me T-RED next time we talk.


I guess you could say that I can usually talk my way out of anything. Unfortualtely, this can go in either direction as far as the manipulation card is played. Bree keeps me in check, cause she knows this about me. Make no mistake though, I can argue anything, so test me if you dare.

I tag:

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Tessa Perry ,
Andrea Campbell ,
Jenny Fischer ,
Rachel Asay ,
Emily Huggins

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Mexican Riviera!

Well, we have finally made it back to reality after going on the Scouters Set Sail cruise. We joined 46 other scouters on the Carnival Pride en route to Peurto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Included in those were Trav's parents and grandparents. We had a blast!!!

January 24th: We got up at 3:30 AM and drove the 12 hours to Long Beach California with Trav's parents and Dale and Lillian Winkler.

January 25th: We boarded the Carnival Pride and set sail....
Our Boat
Waiting to Get on the Ship
At the Muster Station

The Family in Long Beach just before Departure
Some of the Group

Trav Eating Octopus

January 26th and 27th: Our first two days were spent at sea. We spent the days miniature golfing, eating, soaking in the sun, sitting in the jacuzzi, eating, touring the boat, playing bingo, watching shows, and more eating.

On the 27th, Trav recieved his Woodbadge beads. Woodbadge is an adult scout training. Upon completing the course and your Woodbadge ticket (goals made during the course that need to be completed), then you receive a new neckerchief, woggle, and these beads. Trav's Dad beaded him, and gave him his (Trav's Dad's) original beads that he was beaded with in 1996. He also gave him his original woggle. It was pretty special and a huge accomplishment for Trav.

Here's the two pictures that we got with our whole group. It was a wild and crazy trip with a bunch of scouters...

January 28th: We arrived at our first port--Peurto Vallarta. We went on an ATV ride and then went on 10 zip lines that were about 1000 ft or more in the air through the River Canopy. We then rented a boat and rode to some pretty awesome rocks and saw an amazing sunset. Trav didn't especially like this part of the trip. He spent most of the 2 hour boat ride a little green before he ended up feeding the fish off the back of the boat.
Trav and Bree on the ATV
Stopping for a Drink on our ATV ride
Zip Lining

On the boat (at the beginning, before Trav got sick)
A Cool Sunset Pic

January 29th: Today we ported in Mazatlan. Here we went on a Jungle Cruise, toured a coconut plantation, and played on the beach with the star fish.
The Coconut Plantation
A Star Fish

The tour guide had taken in this pelican at one point and cleaned oil off of him. "Bonito" had never forgotten him, and joined us for our trip on the jungle cruise. He was even so kind to pose for pictures.

January 30th: Cabo San Lucas was our last stop. We signed up for a snorkeling excursion. We boarded a catamaran and ended up getting a whale watching show in the deal.

Here's an awesome video of the whales...

And the Dolphins...

We rode past the famous Lover's Beach...

Snorkeled in Chilleno Bay, where Bree managed to obtain a 1/4 inch deep slice in her knee from the rocks (which we super-glued together instead of getting stitches, the picture is after we super glued it)...

And partied and danced as the catamaran made its way back to the dock....

Trav showin' off his moves...

January 31st: Another day at sea. Where we did much of the same stuff we did before.

February 1st: Trav's 27th Birthday!! And our day to drive the 12 hours home. Unfortunately Trav had to spend his birthday in the truck on the road. We listened to the Super Bowl on the radio. Good game, but I bet it was better to watch! Happy birthday babe--sorry it wasn't all that fun. I love you!
Overall, it was a blast. We had a fabulous time and didn't want to leave the warm weather.