Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Holidays from the Allred's

Another year has come and gone!  We have had an amazing year full of love, fun, and excitement.

Travis has had an overly eventful year.  He switched real estate brokerages and is now working for Cornerstone Real Estate.  He put more focus into real estate this year and had his highest grossing year since getting his license 8 years ago. He is still working at Murray City Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is beginning to test for positions as a flight paramedic with various agencies.  He just completed his hazardous materials certification and will likely be heading back to school next year to get his critical care paramedic certification.  He continues to explore his love of food with cooking and has really cultivated his abilities with his smoker making THE most amazing bacon, tri-tip, ribs, and pork roast.  He has the best organizational skills and still manages to provide "daddy daycare" 3-4 days per week!

I was lucky enough to take 12 weeks off work this summer after the arrival of our newest little lady in June.  My pregnancy and delivery were the easiest one yet. We were able to have a summer full of vacation and at home swim parties.  I loved being able to have that time with my family, but this definitely reinforced why I work full-time.  Being a Mom is HARD.  Props to all you stay at home mommas out there.  I wasn't cut out for it.  I was grateful for that time at home; however, I was grateful when it was time to go back to my "other job".  I have been working for Logan Regional Hospital for 8 years now and have seen my Women's Health program there grow from nothing to now steady work at least 20 hrs per week and a wait time of 3 weeks for an evaluation.  I truly love helping those around me and couldn't have found a better fit for me for a career.  It fulfills me and makes me a better mom for my 4 littles.  Just this month I hit my 5 mark year from my cancer diagnosis.  I am still currently cancer free and living every minute of this life of mine to the fullest.

Tayson (6) started kindergarten this year and has loved it!  School has come easy for him and he is now able to add, subtract, and read.  He is quite the social charmer and already has multiple girlfriends and even a couple marriage proposals.  He has enjoyed playing soccer again this year and was able to experience swim lessons for the first time this summer.  He is even able to float on his back and swim the width of the pool (he just has to figure out how to breath and stay afloat!).  He loves movie watching, wearing shorts year round, and rough housing with his sisters.

Brielle (6) also started kindergarten and has loved learning to read and making new friends.  She has lost 2 teeth this late fall and survived her first encounter with the tooth fairy.  She played soccer, took swimming lessons, and has become quite the little dancer.  She has been such a big helper with her new baby sister and can often be found carrying her around the house on her hip just like a little mommy.  She loves being outside, playing babies with Aliyah, and snuggling with either Mommy or Daddy especially in the middle of the night.

Aliyah (2.5) has loved going to daycare and having some one-on-one time with Mom or Dad while the twins are at school and the baby sleeps.  She is quite independent and thinks she rules the roost! She will never let you forget about her and makes her opinions known. She is a little klutz and has hit her head more times than we count.  We just hope she doesn't end up with permanent brain damage.  Poor girl. She still has a special spot for her daddy, her papa, and her gramps.  She successfully gave up her binky and is now potty trained.  She LOVES babies and couldn't wait for HER baby to arrive in June.  She still holds her sister constantly and loves on her any chance she can get.

Amelie (6 months) joined our family on June 22nd at a whopping 5 lbs 1 oz.  She has been the happiest, easiest, go with the flow baby ever (except when required to be in a car seat). She went camping at 2 weeks old, to the beach at 4 weeks old, and has survived many a mauling from the local natives.  She tolerates her siblings antics well and loves each of them.  She received a beautiful blessing from her daddy in August and was told she would be the glue that holds our family together.  I believe it, as she has such a special relationship with each member of our family already. This one is a momma's girl though and I love it.


serra said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE reading this update about your family, even though I live almost around the corner. I miss you guys when life gets too busy and can't wait for a summer BBQ so we can officially hang out ;)