Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catch UP! (Beware of Long Post)

Sorry we've been missing in action for the past little while. We've just been having too much fun. The month of December was a busy one for us. Here's what we've been up to lately:

Thanksgiving this year was at my (Bree's) Grandma Vernon's home. It was delish! I could eat my Grandma's food every day!

At the beginning of December I cut 10 inches off my hair! It was scary, but a fun change. I've been loving it. Here's a few pics of the new do:

Trav went sledding with his family in Bear Lake:

We had a ton of parties with co-workers, friends, and family and had a blast.

Trav's cousin Janie got married to a great guy named Brandon. We were able to attend their ceremony in the Logan Temple.

Santa was very generous to us this year! I got a new sewing machine, clothes, shoes, movies, games, the Twilight books, and completed my Willow tree nativity. Trav got itunes cards (which is honestly like his favorite thing in the world), golf gloves, a quesadilla maker, a Bella Rocket (it's the knock off of a Magic Bullet), a fax machine, and a lot of other things. Thanks for all of the great gifts everyone!