Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I LOVE Technology!

We had another Doctor appointment today.... things are still looking good. Our little boy has a heart rate of 168 and our little girl has a heart rate of 160. I have gained 10 POUNDS in the last month! It is just crazy to me how quickly that happened. The doc said she expects me to put on up to 8 pounds in this next upcoming month. All I can say is that I hope my body can handle the final load without too many problems. At my next visit I get to do the dreaded glucose test (YUCK!) and I got a prescription for some acid reflux medicine (YAY--it's been killing me lately thanks to our little girl who likes to squish my stomach!).

So, today we were lucky enough to squeeze in between the ultrasonographer's appointments and get some 3D pics of our babes (since the high risk specialist "didn't have time" a few weeks ago). It was SOOOO neat. All I can say is that I truly LOVE today's technology. It is really cool! So here are our fabulous pictures of our little boy and one of our little girl. There is only one for the little girl--we could only get a profile shot and that one was hard to get thanks to her brother. If you look close in the picture in front of her nose is her brother's leg with the other leg to the left of that, AND on top of her forehead is his butt. He's squishing the daylights out of her face! We couldn't get through his legs to get a face shot, so the profile was the best we could do. Funny thing is that the little girl is on top--I don't know what is preventing her from moving. They are going to try to get a few different shots of her at our next visit. Hopefully she is cooperative. Anyway, here's the pics--ENJOY!
Our Baby Boy
Our Little Girl