Sunday, December 16, 2012

Virtual Christmas Card and Letter 2012

Once again I'm going to be a little lazy and send my "Virtual Christmas Card" and letter.  Hope you all enjoy!

Trav has had an amazing year.  He had an almost record year in Real Estate, attended school finishing prerequisite classes at Utah State, and made it through the first semester of paramedic school at Weber State.  Not only that, but he was EVERYTHING: single parent, caregiver, crying shoulder, nurse, student, real estate agent, EMT, EMS instructor, etc. . . . for over 8 months while I was "down for the count" after chemo, surgeries, and all the stuff in between.  He did an amazing job and I couldn't have picked a better man, husband, and father to get us through this last year.

This last year, I successfully defeated breast cancer.  This year has been a trying one at best, but one that I've learned more about life and about myself than any other.  I had multiple breast exams, an ultrasound, multiple biopsies, two mammograms, an MRI, genetic testing, a right mastectomy, 8 cycles of chemo therapy, complete hair loss, and a breast reconstruction.  I'm a stronger, better me and although I wouldn't want to do cancer again, I can't deny all the blessings and lessons that came from it.  On another note, I am still working as a physical therapist at Logan Regional Hospital specializing in pediatrics and women's health.  Work is fulfilling and enjoyable.  I only wish it didn't take me away from my sweet little ones.  I love being a mother.  Now if I could just figure out how to do physical therapy full time and be a stay at home mom life would be perfect.
Bubba and Ellie
Tayson and Brielle are 26 months now and have just turned into little people.  Everyone always says that they grow up quickly, but I don't think you truly realize it until you have kids of your own.  These kiddos are so much fun.  They talk up a storm and show off their little personalities everyday.  Independence seems to be our theme now, which comes with temper tantrums, REALLY long "get ready to go" times, and lots of "I DO IT's".   We can't imagine our lives without these little ones and love them to pieces.

Hope this letter finds you all well!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Allreds


serra said...

darling. (you're better than me.... I haven't done any sort of Christmas card)

Jana said...

You guys sure have been through a lot! You are such an amazing woman, and have a beautiful family

Jenny said...

We miss you guys. I can't believe we live so close and haven't seen each other!!!

We need to do dinner when things settle down for you guys. If there is such a thing...

Thank you for posting about all you have been through. It has been a blessing to hear your journey this year.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

An amazing and challenging year... so glad you are doing so well. I am absolutely loving your hair... you look truly beautiful.